Realising the importance of Sadaqa House, International Research Centre of Islamic Economics and Finance (IRCIEF), KUIS, has taken the initiative as the first institution to take up the idea on venturing in sadaqa house. IRCIEF is the pioneer in conducting the research on sadaqa house to be implemented in the banking sector. This is in line with the vision of IRCIEF to be the primary international referral centre in research activities that is geared towards knowledge-sharing around the world, specifically in Islamic economics and finance. Among the activities to be conducted are:

  • research in the field of sadaqa house.
  • promotion and publication activities relating to sadaqa house.
  • seminars, workshops and conferences relating to sadaqa house.
  • strategic cooperation with financial institutions, institution of higher learning and regulators.

The ultimate objective of sadaqa house initiative is to see the implementation of sadaqa house as a product in the Islamic banking sector in the near future.


2 – 4 September 2014 Idea from the public lecture by Dato Dr Abdul Halim Ismail, Award Recipient of The Royal Award for Islamic Finance 2014 at the Global Islamic Finance Forum (GIFF) 2014
1 October 2014 Meeting: Sadaqah as a product with Profesor Dato’ Dr. Ab. Halim bin Tamuri (Rector KUIS)
15 October 2014 First meeting with Dato’ Dr. Abdul Halim Ismail
20 October 2014 Bengkel Keperluan Kajian untuk Instrumen Sadaqah
4 November 2014 Distribution of the research grant via email
11 November 2014 Bengkel Perkongsian Maklumat untuk Laman Sesawang Sadaqa House
20 November 2014 Sambungan Bengkel Perkongsian Maklumat untuk Laman Sesawang Sadaqa House
5 December 2014 Submission of Proposal for Research Grant
12 Mac 2015 Presentation of Research Grant Proposal (Internal Researchers)
26 Mac 2015 Submission of Amended Proposal for Research Grant
1 June 2015 – 30 November 2015 First Phase: Research (Internal Researchers)
1 July 2015 Presentation of Initial Report (Internal Researchers)
2 July 2015 Presentation of Research Grant Proposal (External Researchers)
8 July 2015 Submission of Initial Report (Internal Researchers)


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